Meet the Team: Kirsten M

 Hello, my name is Kirsten M! I started working at Par-T-Perfect in April 2012. Currently, I work 3 different part-time positions. I love working with Par-T-Perfect on weekends because I love working with kids! My favourite kids’ movie is Monsters Inc. and my favourite show is One Tree Hill. I enjoy all kinds of music. Well, most music anyway.
Christmas is my favourite season to work with Par-T-Perfect because I get to wear slippers to work! I love to face paint and twist balloon animals for kids because they always love it. I also really love leading parachute games since they’re always such a big hit. Being a clown is my favourite costume since I already have clown hair, and acting silly comes naturally to me.

My most memorable moment with Par-T-Perfect was when Michael the “tarp master” was able to cover 2 of our bouncy castles with tarps all by himself in just 15 minutes! It was pouring rain and we were already drenched just from unloading the van, so he really saved the day. The party went well and we all stayed dry! If I had to pick my greatest talent at Par-T-Perfect, I guess it would be that I don’t dress up as Batman. I AM Batman!

We look forward to making memories with you!

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