Meet the Team: Lauren

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’ve been working with Par-T-Perfect since spring of 2013. Par-T-Perfect has been such a fun team to be a part of! I absolutely love the summer picnics because I love being outdoors with the kids! My favorite types of event are corporate or public parties because I love to watch the family dynamic and seeing how proud children are showing their parents crafts that we make. I just love seeing families hanging out together having an amazing time.
My absolute favorite activity is balloon twisting, I love the look of amazement on a kids face when you turn a balloon into their favorite animal. Something I would like to work on and try and master is face painting, I’m extremely jealous of some of our girls mad skills at turning faces into pieces or art!
One of my favorite characters to be is Holly the Christmas elf. I love developing all the details of my busy life up at the North pole and telling children what it’s like to be one of Santa’s little helpers. I’m currently in the bachelors’ of psychology program at SFU, I work another part time job, and I’m a full time mother to 6 little fur babies. I hope to someday be a counselor, as well as own a small chicken farm in maple ridge. My favourite movie is definitely The Hobbit.  My favourite song of all time is Puff the Magic Dragon (seriously ask anyone who’s worked with me; I’m sure they can’t stand that song anymore!).
My most memorable PTP experience was at the Abbotsford air show. The weather was hot and beautiful and the show was spectacular AND they let me drive the truck on the run way. That was really cool! My hidden talent is sculpting with clay. I don’t have a lot of opportunity to do this anymore as it is both time consuming and expensive,  but I absolutely love using my hands to create anything from a dragon sitting on river banks under a castle tower to a new set of dessert dishes for my house.

We look forward to making memories with you!

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