Meet the Team: Mitchell

Alt Text Hi, I’m Mitch! I’ve been working with Par-T-Perfect since November 2011. I love all of the different kinds of parties that we do, but dressing up as Spidey is my absolute favourite! I like outdoor summer parties the best because we can have water fights with the kids. It’s so much fun!
The best part about being Spidey is how excited the kids are when they see me walk in. They just light up! And then they get even more excited when they find out that I’m there to play with them and jump around in the bouncy castle with them too. The superhero theme parties are even better because the kids are already excited about superheroes and then their excitement is just over the top when a real superhero actually shows up.
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My favorite Par-T-Perfect memory would have to be from 2 summers ago. There were about 10 of us working a big corporate BBQ and it was probably the hottest day of that summer. This little kid had asked us for a bag of ice because he wanted to ice his arm, but he ended up not needing it. So, now armed with this big bag of rapidly melting ice, I decided it was time for a water fight. I dumped the ice water on one of the other staff and that started the infamous Water War of 2013.
Currently, I’m a high school student and I dream of being a professional lacrosse player. My favourite children’s movie is Frozen, and my favourite adult movie is We’re the Millers. They’re both so funny and filled with really great characters. Most people who know me know that I’m athletic, but my secret talent is that I can also juggle!

We look forward to making memories with you!

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