The Secret to a Successful Business: Celebrating Your Employees!

Keep your team motivated to put their best foot forward while building your successful business

Finding, keeping and motivating staff has always been the most challenging task in running my business. My staff at Par-T-Perfect are hired to bring the party and are constantly celebrating our clients with their best foot forward. Many years ago, the thought occurred to me, with all the celebrating that they do, who’s celebrating and encouraging them? If it’s not me, then how long until they get partied out and only put minimal effort at each event? Putting together a system to assist them to excel and to perform for our clients in a way that would build my business was a constant trial and error.

I had to ask myself, of all the jobs that I have worked, what stood out for me the most where I wanted to perform and give my best? Who were my favourite bosses and what did they do to motivate me to want to go the extra mile, to charge me up and be the best I could be for the company and myself?

Money bonuses were always at the top of my starving “20’s” list of favorites!! I will never forget our “Top Gun” superior Dave Thorne of Fitness World (before Steve Nash). He always said “Money Talks BS Walks” he would walk in to our club with a $50 or $100 dollar bill waiving in the air and put the day’s challenge in place. Whoever won, walked with the cash. It made it fun and motivating. Back in the day (way back) $50 or $100 was a GREAT weekend or 3 or 4 tanks of gas so the WIN was worthy!

When managing an 1100 seat restaurant/bar the challenge was always to keep the place busy, full of life, great service and fun for our patrons to keep coming back. It was the day the owner’s wife dropped off a nicely wrapped gift and a thank you card with a personalized note that has always stuck with me. It wasn’t the “gift” but the words written that made me feel important, valued and appreciated and I knew my efforts didn’t go by unnoticed, I treated the place like my own and put my best foot forward.

In my business today with Par-T-Perfect, there are 2 top moments that confirm that I’ve done something right with encouraging my team. The first moment happened 5 years ago when my entire staff presented me with the BEST BOSS EVER album. It brought tears to my eyes. The time and investment it took for my team to each hand write a personalized thank you note, add a couple photos of themselves and their favourite team moments was spectacular. The second time was when I was interviewing a young lady who had worked for us in her last two years of high school before heading off to college. She then travelled and experienced working for other organizations throughout a span of 6 years. Obviously she had grown and developed but the words she told me will always be remembered. She had worked for a variety of different bosses and no one out there treated her with the respect and encouragement the way I had and she wanted to come back to our team. I will never think twice about taking the time to appreciate my staff.

How were you celebrated throughout your work life that stands out in your mind today? What motivated you to be your best? Was it awards for performance, sales or service? Did someone verbally praise your efforts in front of your team of peers? These small investments of time and thoughtfulness go a long way to building up your team and therefore building up your business.

How do you plan to thank or celebrate your team? Check out our themed party packages for corporate events to bring the whole team and their families together. Appreciation is an incomparable investment to your team and business.

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