Plan Outdoor Events Like a Pro!

Spring is finally here and we’re pretty excited!

We provide party services all year round, but the sunny days of spring and summer mean we really get to shine! Birthday parties move to the great outdoors, company picnics are in full swing, there are holidays, BBQs, fundraisers, festivals and block parties. For whatever reason you choose, let’s get outside and celebrate!
With outdoor events, there are a few things that you should consider:
1. Does your location have electricity?

People love outdoor venues for many reasons, including the space available for our big and beautiful inflatables. What often gets overlooked, however, is the power available on site. Most of our equipment requires only 1 outlet (on its own fuse) to operate, but that 1 outlet is sometimes hard to find. Many picnic shelters have outlets available but require the power to be turned on for your event. When booking your venue be sure to ask if power is available and, if possible, try it out to make sure. Some locations also have rules about what types of equipment (including bouncers and even balloons) are allowed so always ask before you book!

2. Does the company you are hiring have the right insurance?

All of our events are covered with $5 million in liability insurance and are BC Safety and Work Safe BC certified. This means that we are able to work in all cities in the Lower Mainland. We work with city officials on a regular basis and most will have our insurance information on file. Sometimes venues will have specific insurance requirements, such as being listed as an additional insured. Don’t worry! Insurance can get confusing, but if you give us their requirements, we’ll get them exactly what they need at no extra cost to you!

3. What happens if it rains?

Heaven forbid that rain should fall on your big event day, but this is Rain City so you never know. Our staff always come prepared with tarps and bungee cords to keeps things as dry as possible, but you might want to consider pop up tents and picnic shelters. Really concerned? Have an alternate indoor location on standby.

4. Will there be shade?

Everybody wants to get out and enjoy the sun, but too much of it can be a bad thing. Wide open spaces are great for equipment, but if you want to avoid sunburns and tired, grumpy people make sure there is somewhere to cool down. Tents and picnic shelters can do double duty and protect from any weather. No shade in sight? Book a package with water games!

5. What types of locations are available?

With all of these things in mind, you might expect some difficulty in finding the perfect location for your outdoor event but there are SO MANY options. We regularly do events in backyards, public parks, private outdoor venues and even parking lots. Take a look around and see what works for you, there are plenty of options for the perfect outdoor space. If you’re still feeling stuck, give us a call, we’ve done this a few times before.

We offer such a HUGE range of services, you’re sure to find something that’s the perfect fit. We offer generic and themed birthdays, a variety of picnic packages, and an extensive selection of  à la carteservices, inflatables and games! Request a quote or give us a call at 604-475-PLAY (7529) and let our team help you create the party of your dreams.