Easy Party Planning Tips for the Busy Mom part 1

You want “FUN and EXCITING”

for your child’s next birthday party but you dread the stress of spending months preparing for it?

Here are a few easy party planning tips I like to use to make my life easier when preparing for the big day.

1. Invite the Kids and Not the Parents

(ooh was that my outside voice?) If you want to go to the extra trouble to tailor the party toward adults as well, then of course invite the parents but that wouldn’t be an “easy” party! I like to keep the focus on the kids, as this is their party after all. Suggest the “Drop Off” and “Pick Up” times so it is very clear that parents don’t have to stay. I even go as far as stating “go for lunch with your spouse, catch up with a girlfriend, or get the errands done without car seats and whining”. Most of the moms I know really don’t mind a few hours for themselves. Let them take advantage of a couple hours to do something fun like get a manicure, or to simply enjoy some silence!

2. Start to Finish 3 Hour Timeframe 

Invite the kids for 11am and bring out the “thanks for coming” by 2pm. Have your entertainment and excitement ready right when your guests arrive so the kids can start burning off their hyper energy spike right away. Start off with games, a dance party, the birthday kid’s favourite Par-T-Perfect bouncy castle or whatever is going to get them burning some of that energy!
Of course you can make life really easy by hiring our engaging party leaders to run the show and jam pack your timeframe with games, face painting, balloon twisting, crafts and other fun stations. This will free you up to enjoy the party, join in a few games, take pictures, be silly with the kids, all without a feeling of stress or panic.

3. Plan Time For Cake and Gifts

The “fun and games” portion should last around 2 hours so that you have ample time for birthday cake and opening gifts. Before you know it, the parents will be back for pickup and the kids won’t want to go home because they’ll be having so much fun. lt=”Alt Text” />

The goal for any successful party is for your guests to leave wanting more. Those are the parties that people remember and cherish! After the 3 exciting hours are up, you’ll still have enough energy to clean up and enjoy the rest of the day with a very happy birthday kid!

Stay tuned for more Party Planning Tips