Easy Party Planning Tips for the Busy Mom Part 2

You want “FUN and EXCITING”

for your child’s next birthday party but you dread the stress of spending months preparing for it?

PART 2: Party Planning Tips to make your life a wee bit easier when planning your child’s next birthday:
1. Don’t Set a Time Frame for the Kids to Eat

Some kids LOVE to eat, some kids find it pure torture. Set out finger foods (Costco is my friend!!), if you’re the creative type you can use cookie cutters to make fun shapes with sandwiches or make characters with your fruit trays. Think of what you can make the night before so all you have to do is set the trays out and you’re done. Set out simple items like cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, a fruit tray with watermelon and grapes, snack (junk) food, whatever little kids like to eat. Ask your birthday child to assist with the menu choices. Choose food that doesn’t have to be served HOT and when the weather is warm keep your food on ice. Many will nibble away whenever they want and if they don’t eat they won’t starve (there is always cake time!!). It’s a party; they will survive.

2. Drinks for the Kiddies

Red Solo Cups are not just for great country songs and sharpies are not just for the office, so bring both to your party! Kids lose most things the minute they put them down unless their names are on it. If you like to “GO GREEN” the plastic cups are recyclable. Most moms prefer fruit juice over pop selections to lessen sugar intake. It’s a party after all, so I don’t mind taking care of a group of kids with a little sugar high, knowing they can all safely crash with their parents later! However if you want an even healthier choice for the kiddies, add some fun fruit slices to your water bowl to keep it colourful and exciting.

Stay tuned for more Party Planning Tips