Summer Activities for the Whole Family

The school year is wrapping up and the hot, sunny days of summer are just around the corner!
Check out our top picks for ways your family can have fun together this summer.
Create A Water Blob

The pool is so over rated nowadays! Why not get crafty and stay cool with this awesome DIY water blob! For some extra fun, make the blob twice as long, add a sprinkler and voila! You have your very own “deluxe” slip and slide!


Stop By Your Local Pool

Okay, so maybe that last bit about pools being over-rated wasn’t quite true. Pools are still a perfectly viable option that’s a super enjoyable way to cool down this summer! Why not make it a goal to stop by each one of the top-rated pools in the lower mainland!


Make Homemade Slushies

Who doesn’t like a good slushy? It’s the perfect summer treat for kids and adults alike. Try taking it to the next level by experimenting with different types of juices, sodas and alcohols (adults only of course).


Go On A Camping Trip

Is your family at home in the great outdoors? Consider checking out some of the awesome local campsites around the lower mainland to relax, roast some marshmallows and enjoy the outdoors.


Host A Water War

One sure fire way to impress the neighbors this summer is to host an all-ages Water War! Get your friends gets to bring their own water guns, water balloons and any other water related items! If you really want to increase your chances at a victory, stock up on these awesome “Bunch-o-Balloons”!


Have A Yard Sale

Why not take some time as a family to de-clutter your house! Perhaps it may not seem like the most fun of ideas, but you’d be surprise at just how many old toys and items you’ll find hiding away. To help with the de-clutter process host a garage sale  – you get some profit, the customers get some items and everyone has fun!


Throw A Neighborhood Party!

Why not start the summer off with a bang by throwing a fabulous summer bash for you, your friends, your kids and the neighborhood! Some cities (like Coquitlam) are even offering funding to help. And of course, if you’re in need of some assistance party planning and entertaining, have no fear! We at Par-T-Perfect specialize in making any party a memorable event! Let us do it for you!


We hope this list of fun summer activities helps you and your family to start celebrating the warm weather and beginning of summer!