The Par-T-Pets Are Ready To Party!

Teddy Bear Stuffing parties have always been a kid favourite. They get to choose a critter, stuff it with love, fluff and a wishing star, and make it their very own with an adoption certificate and customized TShirt. It’s always such a fun theme package, but for a large group of kids, when they cost up to $18.95/bear, it can start to get expensive. That’s exactly why we’re so excited to announce our latest and greatest party sensation- PAR-T-PETS!! They’re the adorable and affordable alternative to our full-size bear stuffing parties. Since they’re available as a full-service package, an add on, or mailed directly to you, there’s an option that works for everyone! The Par-T-Pets are currently available in 4 adorable styles: a monkey, cat, wolf and a unicorn! We’ll be adding more styles of critters soon, and be sure to check our special edition holiday options!

Full-Service Parties

Just like our original teddy bear stuffing parties, our Par-T-Pets theme package includes bringing our new furry friends to life, customizing them and then playing together! Parties are led by a Doctor or Princess party leader who will help the kids stuff their new pets, lead them through a wishing star ceremony, adoption certificates and collar/leash craft. Once our friends have been brought to life it’s time for games and balloon animals!
For extra fun consider adding face painting, glitter tattoos or cotton candy!

The Perfect Add On

Love Par-T-Pets but would rather choose a different theme? That’s okay. Par-T-Pets are the perfect addition to any event! Your princess party would be extra magical with a unicorn craft station, and monkeys make the perfect pets for little pirates! Don’t want to deal with loot bags? Par-T-Pets are the prefect treat to take home after such a memorable day.
The adorable, affordable Par-T-Pets are fabulous for large events and fundraisers too! Contact us for details tailored to your specific event.

Party in a Box

Par-T-Pets are designed to be affordable for everyone! If you live out of town, or are trying to cut down your party costs, consider a party in a box! Visit to order your custom package. The party kit includes the Par-T-Pet stuffable skins, wishing stars, adoption certificates, stuffing sticks, downloadable invitations and party instructions.