What To Do With All That Easter Chocolate?

The child in all of us loves that we get to indulge in chocolate during Easter(and any other time in the year), but now the weekend is over and here we are, left with endless amounts of chocolate!

After our big family dinner on Sunday (our third day of celebrating Easter) my daughter was asked what she’s going to do with her lot of chocolate. Her response amazed us all! She, in a proud voice, let us all know that she will be making the best chocolate cookies EVER! What a great idea!

Year after year, I’ve had this tendency of stashing away our Easter chocolate to prevent me from eating it all in one sitting when the kids went off to bed. The problem is that I forget all about it until it’s old and spoiled. Definitely not a fun treasure to find when it’s suddenly sporting a layer of white spots!

With this new baking plan, I don’t think I will have to buy chocolate chips for a year.  I can’t wait to test out this theory! First recipe on the agenda: white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies…yummm!  What about Peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies? Or substitute regular chocolate chips with Cadbury Mini-Eggs? The possibilities are endless!

Our plan is to take all the left over bunnies and have a smashing party! My kids are so excited! We will double up two Ziploc freezer bags; place the bunnies inside and let them at it with my rolling pin to break the bunnies up into pieces. Then I will store it all for a rainy baking day! With my kids in on the plan, I know I won’t be tossing out any festive chocolate this year! Now if I can only convince dad to be the baker with them, all will be well in my world.

Try some of these great recipes or make up your own:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Easter Egg Brownie Cookies

What’s your favourite ‘Easter Treat’ creation? Share a recipe that’s voted a ‘smashing hit’ in your household!