Easy Party Planning Tips for the Busy Mom Part 3

You want “FUN and EXCITING”

for your child’s next birthday party but you dread the stress of spending months preparing for it?

PART 3: Party Planning Tips with few simple ideas to make your party DECORATIVE!


1. Balloons & More Balloons

A helium tank makes life easy with decorations but if your budget is a little tight, you can still make a party festive with regular balloons. Tie a strand of ribbon to each blown up balloon, gather odd numbers and cluster in groups. Let them dangle downward and tie the odd clusters to light fixtures, tape them on the walls and to table corners.

If you want to avoid tape on your walls, keep individual balloons staying afloat with static electricity. Do you remember doing this as a kid? Rub the balloon on your hair and voila, it sticks to the wall! Later on you can let the kids use them for a game or two. When we do use helium I make sure to send the balloons home as part of the goody bags too!


2. Add Some Extra Colour

A bit of extra colour can completely transform a room. Grab a few plastic table covers from the dollar store to match your colours. They make for easy clean up, and can usually be recycled for your next party (depending how much wear and tear they get). Add a bouquet of bright, colourful flowers for a girls party that you and the birthday girl can enjoy during and after the party! Be sure to request our staff to bring a pre-made balloon flower bouquet to add to your decorations!

3. Goody Bags

Whether you are doing a themed party or not, another great way to decorate your room is with goody bags! They can be made so pretty and add that extra touch to your party room. I like to wrap mine in clear cellophane and add lots of ribbon curly cues to add to the look. Pending your colour scheme you can easily find ribbon to match. The age of the kids will help you choose what to put in goody bags. Candy is always popular, plus a couple toy trinkets from the dollar store that are age appropriate. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s the thought that counts. With your goody bags set up around the room, you won’t need much more for decorations, and clean up couldn’t be easier!


Stay tuned for more Party Planning Tips