Easy Party Planning Tips for the Busy Mom Part 4

You want “FUN and EXCITING”

for your child’s next birthday party but you dread the stress of spending months preparing for it?

PART 4: Now that you have the food and decor ready to go for your party, here are a few party planning tips of what you can do to keep the kids ENTERTAINED!
1. “ACTIVE”ities:

It still amazes me just how much energy kids can muster up when they are playing together! I can get tired just watching them go. This is why I always ensure I have at least one bouncer set up with a supervisor at any kids party that I’m hosting. Be sure to rent a bouncy castle from a company that has liability insurance (5 million) and is certified by the BC Safety Authority, meaning you will always have a staff attending to ensure the kids are safe! At Par-T-Perfect we go the extra mile to hire enthusiastic Party Leaders who are well trained and child friendly. They engage with the kids and even start up games in the castle to make sure everyone is moving and no one gets bored! Bouncy castles are a great party activity, which also promote good health, exercise and a way to tire those kids out.

 2. Games

If you don’t have the space or budget for a castle then games are a must! Relays are my favourite and can be played indoors or out and they also promote exercise while kids are having fun! Use items from home to make classic races we all enjoyed as kids!

Ex. Egg (or marbles) on a spoon race, 3 legged race with nylons, water balloon toss etc. Water relays are always a huge summer hit to keep the kids cool when the weather is warm! There are endless possibilities with a bit of imagination or research from others. Google search “relay races” and you will find ideas and how to’s to make your life really easy!

Create an obstacle course using hula-hoops, a climbing apparatus in your yard, a slide, sports equipment and a finish line. Many ideas come to mind with obstacle fun and you are creating lighthearted competition that will keep the kids smiling!


3. Energy

This is again why I hire party leaders, because I have lead games and parties for many years and I now prefer to watch and take a few photos. This keeps stress off my shoulders and lets me mingle, knowing the kids are getting all the energetic attention they need to stay engaged with the activities! If you are leading by yourself, make sure you are well rested and ready to GO! Get the kids in their teams, motivate them (or bribe with candy) and cheer them on!!

Stay tuned for more Party Planning Tips